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Top 5 cities in Ontario for new immigrants beside Toronto


  • Overview: As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa is known for its rich history and political significance.

  • Attractions for Immigrants: It offers a stable job market, especially in the public sector and tech industry. The city is also home to various cultural festivals and has a lower cost of living compared to Toronto1.

  • Services: Ottawa has several immigrant support organizations that provide language training, employment assistance, and integration programs2.


  • Overview: Located adjacent to Toronto, Mississauga is a dynamic city with a diverse population.

  • Attractions for Immigrants: Home to Toronto Pearson International Airport and numerous multinational corporations, it offers ample employment opportunities3. The city also boasts recreational facilities and cultural events.

  • Services: Mississauga provides various services for newcomers, including language classes and job placement programs4.


  • Overview: Hamilton, known for its steel industry, is situated on the western shore of Lake Ontario.

  • Attractions for Immigrants: The city has seen economic growth with job opportunities in healthcare, education, and technology5. Housing is more affordable compared to other major cities in the province.

  • Services: Hamilton has organizations dedicated to assisting immigrants in their transition to Canadian life6.


  • Overview: Often dubbed the "Silicon Valley of Canada," the Kitchener-Waterloo region is renowned for its tech industry.

  • Attractions for Immigrants: The area offers a vibrant job market, especially in tech. Institutions like the University of Waterloo provide educational opportunities7.

  • Services: The region offers various services for newcomers, from language training to networking events8.


  • Overview: Located in Southwestern Ontario, London is a growing city known for its educational institutions and healthcare sector.

  • Attractions for Immigrants: The city offers a diverse job market, with opportunities in education, healthcare, and manufacturing9. London also has a rich cultural scene with festivals, theaters, and museums.

  • Services: London has several immigrant support centers that help newcomers integrate into the community10.

Note: The references provided are for informational purposes and offer a starting point for further exploration. Footnotes

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