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How Foreign Trained Teachers Can Get Licensed in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Canada, known for its diverse culture and high-quality education system, is a popular destination for foreign-trained teachers. If you're a teacher trained outside of Canada and are considering relocating, you'll need to undergo a specific process to obtain your teaching license. This guide will walk you through the steps and provide reference links for further information.

1. Understanding the Canadian Education System

Before diving into the licensing process, it's essential to understand that education in Canada is a provincial responsibility. This means that each province and territory has its own regulations and requirements for teacher certification.

2. Assessment of Credentials

The first step is to have your credentials assessed. This process evaluates your academic and professional qualifications against Canadian standards.

  • Submit your academic records, including transcripts, diplomas, and certificates.

  • Provide proof of your teaching experience, such as letters of reference.

3. Language Proficiency

English and French are the two official languages in Canada. Depending on the province, you'll need to prove proficiency in one of these languages. This is typically done through standardized tests like IELTS (for English) or TEF (for French).

Reference: IELTS | TEF Canada

4. Teacher Education Program

If your foreign credentials don't align with Canadian standards, you might be required to complete additional coursework or a teacher education program in Canada.

5. Apply for Certification

Once you've met the necessary requirements, you can apply for certification in the province or territory where you wish to teach. Each has its own application process, fees, and additional requirements.

Reference Links:

  • Ontario College of Teachers

  • British Columbia Teacher Regulation Branch

  • Alberta Education

6. Criminal Record Check

Safety is paramount in Canadian schools. As part of the licensing process, you'll need to undergo a criminal record check to ensure the safety of students.

7. Mentorship and Induction Programs

Several provinces offer mentorship programs for new teachers, including those trained abroad. These programs provide support, resources, and professional development opportunities to help you transition smoothly into the Canadian education system.


Becoming a licensed teacher in Canada as a foreign-trained professional requires diligence and patience. However, with the right resources and determination, you can navigate the process successfully and embark on a rewarding teaching career in Canada.

Note: Always check the specific provincial or territorial education department's website for the most up-to-date information on teacher certification.

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