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A Comprehensive List of Websites to Find Student Jobs and Internships in Canada

Here's a comprehensive list of websites where you can find student jobs and internships in Canada:

  1. Jobpostings - Canada's Largest Student Job Board

  2. Graduate Jobs and Internships in Canada

  3. - Find Entry Level, Student Jobs, Internships, Summer Jobs

  4. Career Search -

  5. Available jobs - Search

  6. Concept Campus | Canada's Students and Graduate Hiring Platform

  7. Meet Canada's Hiring Companies

  8. Career Search -

  9. Youth - Job Bank

  10. Young Canada Works - Sign in

  11. Internship in Canada for International Students

  12. GitHub - Canadian Tech Internships

  13. Work. Experience. Discover. | IAESTE Canada

  14. Paid Internships by Career Edge

  15. Directory of Internship Programs

  16. - Work in environment, conservation, and nature

These websites offer a variety of opportunities for students and recent graduates, from internships to entry-level positions. It's a good idea to explore each site to find the best fit for your career goals and interests.

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