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A Comprehensive List of Websites to Find Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Canada has a robust healthcare system, and there are several websites where you can find healthcare job listings. Here's a comprehensive list of websites to help you find healthcare jobs in Canada:

Healthcare-specific Job Boards:

  • Health Match BC ( This site specializes in recruiting doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals to British Columbia.

  • ( A job board dedicated to healthcare jobs across Canada.

  • MedHunting ( Offers a variety of healthcare job listings in Canada.

General Job Boards with Healthcare Sections:

  • Indeed Canada ( One of the largest job search engines worldwide, it has a significant number of healthcare job listings in Canada.

  • Workopolis ( A major Canadian job search site with a section dedicated to healthcare jobs.

  • Monster Canada ( Another large job search site with a section for healthcare jobs in Canada.

  • Job Bank ( The official job site of the Canadian government, which includes healthcare job listings.

Provincial Health Websites:

  • Many provinces have their own health service websites that list job opportunities. For instance:

  • Alberta Health Services (

  • Fraser Health (

  • Ontario Health (

Professional Associations and Organizations:

  • Many healthcare professions have their own associations that post job listings. Some examples include:

  • Canadian Medical Association (

  • Canadian Nurses Association (

  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (

  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association (

Specialized Recruitment Agencies:

  • Global Medics ( Specializes in recruiting healthcare professionals for positions in Canada and internationally.

  • Summit Search Group ( A recruitment agency with a focus on healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

University and College Job Boards:

  • Many educational institutions that offer healthcare programs also have job boards or career centers that post relevant job opportunities for their students and alumni.

LinkedIn (

  • While not exclusively for healthcare, LinkedIn has become a significant platform for job listings, including those in the healthcare sector. By setting up a profile and joining healthcare-related groups, you can network and find job opportunities.

When searching for healthcare jobs in Canada, it's also essential to consider the specific province or territory you're interested in, as licensing and certification requirements can vary. Always ensure that you meet the necessary qualifications and requirements for the position and region you're applying to.

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